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One of the most important things you need to understand if you are going to be successful as an affiliate marketer is keyword research! Keywords are unbelievably important. Without people typing in what they are searching for, nothing happens! They are the mortar which holds everything together on the internet. They are the words you use to search for things in the search engines so money, music, casinos etc are all keywords. To carry out this research you will need a good Google keyword search tool but I will cover this later.

First let’s discuss keyword phrases that consist of more than one word. These are called Long Tail Keywords. The more words, the longer the tail! Housetrain your puppy, heavy rock mp3? s, free roulette systems would all be long tail keywords 60 mechanical keyboard. What many people do wrong is try to compete for the most popular keywords without researching first. Yes, the popular keywords have loads of traffic but they also have lots of competition. You are far better aiming for the less competitive, long tail keywords to begin with and building from there. Don’t forget that one of the major differences between an affiliate and a successful affiliate is keyword research.

I’m going to go over a little keyword research with you now and talk about the importance of using a good Google keyword search tool. Don’t worry, you just need to practice this and you’ll soon start to understand enough to make a good decision when it comes to choosing your own keywords. First of all, Wealthy Affiliate University not only has what I consider to be the best Google keyword search tool there is but they also offer you full training on this subject and a lot more besides. In fact, it is like going to school as you learn just about as much as there is to learn about affiliate marketing but let us concentrate on their amazing Google keyword search tool for now.

Before you do anything make a list of the broad keyword areas you are interested in building your site around. For example Make money online, Weight loss, Gardening and Repairing Bicycles. Then go to the keywords research tool in the Wealthy Affiliate University. This tool will assist you with your keyword research. Type one of your keywords into the box and click on the “Search Keywords” button. You’ll then see a list of associated, mainly long tail keywords appear in a list. The number in the “Searches (AVG)” is how many times the word or phrase was searched for in the last month. You can look through these and get an idea of what people are typing into search engines when looking for topics related to your keyword.

The first thing you need to determine is your keyword traffic. Ideally, you want the keyword you are targeting to get at least 100 searches per month or more. You may wish to click on the “dig” button to further refine you search results within the Google keyword search tool. For a “winning” article marketing keyword, you need a good balance between keyword traffic and keyword competition. The next step is to determine which keywords are worth writing about.

Something that you should take note of is if you get listed on the 1st page of the search results, you will get an average of 20% of the estimated traffic as approximately 20% of all the searches will click on your article. This means that if the keywords research tool estimates 1000 searches per month, you can expect 200 clicks!

Once you have a shortlist of keywords, you need to make sure there is not too much competition. To perform this test, you should be advised to use Yahoo as previously I have found Googles results to have been too unpredictable and often inaccurate. To do this simply open Yahoo and type in your keyword with the exact term… For example… “keywords research tools” and click search. This will then indicate how many other competitors are competing for that keyword with that search engine. Ideally you will want competition of below 20, 000. You will soon discover a few “diamonds in the rough” that have good search volume and low competition. Keyword traffic estimation basically provides you with the approximate number of searches for the individual keyword phrases relevant to the niche that you are targeting. Therefore an effective keyword research tool not only supplies you with as many related keyword phrases as possible, but also contains an accurate keyword traffic estimator that you can confidently use to predict the amount of possible search demand.

Many online marketers make the mistake of not doing adequate keyword research with reliable research tools, and instead rely on their gut to determine which keyword phrases to target and based their content around. Don’t fall for this trap. Just because a keyword phrase seems like a common sense one to target for a particular niche doesn’t mean that people are actually looking for that exact keyword phrase using the search engines.

I have seen many marketers go through the time and effort creating beautiful blogs and websites around a specific keyword phrase. They write their content based off of that phrase and do a superb job at optimizing their sites and blogs. And then they get no traffic? Why? By using a keyword traffic estimator, the answer is clear. There just isn’t anyone typing that specific keyword phrase into Google. Keyword estimation is critical, and needs to be among the first steps in your overall keyword research.

Whether you promote your site using search engine optimization methods or using pay per click campaigns, you always need a good set of keywords to optimize the content of your site in the beginning. You can take advantage of free tools like Google AdWords Traffic Estimator. It is completely free and you can use it to find out probable number of impressions and clicks you can get for your bids on the keywords.

This is really good if you are going to promote your site using PPC campaigns. But when it comes to SEO, then you need much more data than just the estimates. Because SEO usually takes much longer time to get the required returns on your investment. You need to optimize every web page of your site for a particular keyword.

This also includes getting relevant backlinks for each and every page separately. Now this needs considerable time investment. There are some paid SEO tools online which can help you gain these backlinks faster. But they even need the significant monetary investment from your side. So the point is we need to learn a different strategy for finding the right keywords when it comes to SEO.

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