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The medical community seems to be aligned around the concept that standing is generally a healthier and more productive position for people to work rather than sitting. Standing more frequently (well… sitting less! ) has been scientifically shown to help people maintain and even lose weight since standing promotes simple movement that can burn upwards of 300 or more calories per standard work day. Standing and the movements caused by standing increases circulation and blood flow which can increase energy naturally without external stimulants. Improved circulation combined with proper weight maintenance also contribute to a decreased risk of debilitating diseases. In general, standing promotes a better, healthier posture as opposed to sitting in a chair.

With all of the proven health benefits of standing, it is up to us to stand more! A simple way for office workers to incorporate more standing in their daily life is to use a standing desk. Combing an ergonomic stand up desk keyboard tray with an adjustable height platform for monitors, documents, and other items makes an efficient, comfortable, and healthy workstation best standing desk. The ergonomic stand up desk keyboard tray should be adjustable to hold keyboards in a position where the arms are relaxed and the elbow angle is slightly more than ninety degrees. An ergonomic stand up desk keyboard tray should allow the user to type with the wrist drooping down naturally (cocked wrist positions are generally the unhealthiest and can lead to enhanced fatigue and other wrist ailments). When opting for an adjustable standing desk, it is also important to pay attention to where the monitor is held. Monitors should be held at eye-level. Lower monitor positions can cause hunching and an unhealthy posture that can defeat or erase some of the health benefits associated with standing up rather than sitting down.

While typing directly on a laptop is often not the best ergonomic position, sometimes mobile workers have little choice about their equipment as they opt for portability and efficiency over true ergonomic posture. A portable laptop stand is a health necessity for any mobile worker. The portable laptop stand shouldn’t weigh much more than a laptop and should be adjustable in height to hold laptop screens at eye-level and also rotate the angle to decrease screen glare and decrease eye fatigue. Often sit/stand desks are bulky fixed objects designed for a stationary office. For mobile workers, using a portable laptop stand that can adjust in height to hold laptops in a position where they can be used standing can be beneficial. A laptop stand that has a height range of twelve to twenty-four inches is often enough to convert any fixed height table into an adjustable height laptop standing desk, allowing the user to reap the health benefits of standing when working just about anywhere! An ergonomic stand up desk keyboard tray is a key component of a standing desk and vital for a good ergonomic workstation. When your monitor is raised at your eye level to promote stand-up working, it is important that your keyboard is adjusted simultaneously so that you don’t have to hunch to type. When altering the height and angle of one component, the others must be inherently adjusted to facilitate working and improve health.

The use of an ergonomic stand up desk keyboard tray will stimulate wrist, forearm and shoulder strength. The optimum keyboard position is at a slightly sloping angle which enables you to type with your wrists angled downwards naturally. Another important feature in a standing desk keyboard tray is an independent mouse pad platform- the tray should allow you to place keyboard independently from the mouse. This will facilitate the use of mouse on a platform level while the keyboard is angled slightly downwards. Have you been finding yourself feeling like your workstation and office chair are lower than your fellow coworkers as of late? There is quite possibly a reasonable explanation for this, as a new unique form of seating has quickly emerged into more workspaces with its growing popularity. This new wave of ergonomic seating is known as sit stand seating. What once began as a trend in industrial work places with assembly or production lines where workers are required to stand for multiple hours throughout the day has now been making its way into more traditional office settings where employees are required to sit for the majority of their work day. The negative health effects associated with sitting for extended periods of time quickly brought upon the need for a healthier work station set up and along came the sit stand stool.

A sit stand stool enables the user to relieve stress when standing for long durations of time. With its small footprint, this stool takes up a limited amount of space making it a viable option for those that have a small office space to work with or spaces where employees work within close proximity of one another. These stools are designed to allow the user to lean back against while standing when they need a break or to sit on when their legs become fatigued. They are armless and comes with stationary rubber glides to keep the chair in place when the user leans back.

With the dramatic growth in popularity over the recent years combined with the increase in demand, there are now many different sit stand models available for purchase. The most popular type is the industrial model, a solid choice for industrial environments where assembly lines are used. Industrial sit stand stools typically feature adjustable seat height, steel frame design, seat angle adjustment, and a puncture resistant seat. Another popular version is the upholstered ergonomic sit stand stool. These are more common in the office environments with their ability to blend in with pre-existing furniture designs and office decor. They also have the ability to adjust the seat height along with the seat angle. A newer model that has been released recently is the saddle sit stand stool allowing the user to lean against the stool or sit in a widened stance to fit the saddle curved seat.

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